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Between the lines is an exhibition from Dutch artist Noella Roos, who will show 18 large 9 (50 by 180 cm) drawings and two documentary’s about the working process. She will also show her paintings.

Noella Roos is working in Bali with two different artist from different backgrounds: Java Fendy Risk contrabass player, USA Ari Rudenko dancer and three different media: dance, music, drawings, who share one love: art.

Their aim is to bring dance, drawing and music together for the public as one piece of art. We will be organizing an exhibition in which we will show the large size drawings that were made with the dancer as model who dances on live music. On the opening will be live music, contrabass player.

'Between the lines' shows how she express sensuality, life, emotion in between lines in drawings. Dance, music and drawing are three different lines joining in one work of art. The drawing artist cannot make these drawings without having contact with the dancer. It means that they both work until there is contact in the work, without words. This also happens with the music. It is an exchange between three artists. Communicating without words, sharing the same energy. The Balinese have a name for it: Taksu, the energy you have inside to express and feel the art deeper. Not only the movement (steps) of the dancer, but the real meaning of the dance can be felt by us and by the public. The four of us are working towards trance in a couple of hours, when this Taksu or inner energy comes free. And we all experience when the ego vanishes and trance takes over, and we all work on the same energy. Out of this comes our best work. The dancer knows without seeing the drawing what the drawer makes. The dancer feels in her body what the musician is playing. The musician plays what the artist draws.

The musician after a four hours session said: “I draw and dance today. If I play softer you both work softer, if I play louder, you both work more expressive”. Same goes for the dancer and drawer, we all feel each other’s energy and art.

The work process and conversations have been recorded on video. Drawings, music and dance are only the left over from a shared moment. This exhibition focuses on the interaction and reinforcement of the three media (dance, music, drawings) with a single denominator: joint energy.

Between the Lines is an art project about the language that is not written, but just expressed.


The artists:


Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1969.  She studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague/NL, Academy for Schone Kunsten in Antwerp/Belgium, and Academy Minerva in Groningen/NL.

Noella has been drawing dancers for 25 years, the last five years with modern dancers in Bali.

She is inspired by a thorough understanding of anatomy of the human body, composition, materials and arabesque (the line and pattern of the body in movement). She enjoys the challenge of combining classicism with a contemporary approach of the portrayal of human emotion.

Noella Roos had solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Korea, Indonesia (Jakarta and Bali), and India; and participated in group exhibitions in the UK (London), Belgium and The Netherlands and at prestigious art fairs in The Netherlands: the Realism Fair in Amsterdam and the Open Art Fair in Utrecht.

For Noella, drawing is to find a way to express the meeting between the dancer and the visual artist, to meet in emotion and sensuality and to translate this onto the paper.


FENDY RIZK Contrabass player

Born in Blitar, Java/Indonesia in 1988. He had his education in music at D1 Royal Music, Grade 1 at International Jazz Summer School, and Grade 6 at Farabi Music School.

In 2009 he started to plunge in music seriously. His music inspirations came from the family of Hemy Agustrian, Eko Sumarsono, Rabath, Ray Brown, Paul Chamber, Oscar Pettyford and many more. His music preference lies in the classical and jazz world. With his skills on playing the bass he has participated in many shows, f.i. Ubud Village Jazz Festival, Jazz Market, Jazz Bromo, Sanur Village Festival, Toraja World Music Festival, and many more.

For Fendy, music is about learning, practicing and working with honesty.



A third-gender painter and dance-maker, in a warm relationship with the empty Void from which we came, and to which we shall return. I have found the void to be a mirror, and each time I approach, as I surrender to its teaching, the face in that mirror changes. My work is the living image in that mirror, the faces of the void.

I come to know that I stand on the crossroads of many forces – life and death, male and female, Being and Non-Being, material and void. The crossroads of East, South, West, and North. We are always on the threshold of revelation. Can we set-up shop on the crossroads, and give cheers to those who pass through?

Art, which is essentially magic, creates a holy space where the forces of the seen and unseen unite. I am fascinated by ghosts, spirits, beings who are trapped between worlds, and on the holy ground of Art they can walk again. Impossible things can happen, and are happening in the space that art creates.

I have been pursuing forms of magic theater that give techniques to access the in-between world through the crossroads – the Body itself. Since 2010, I have studied Butoh Theater with several great teachers. Butoh Theater is a theater of the body on the brink, collapsing into death without dying, pulled to the center of the earth. When the body gives way to gravity, the spirits of the earth can fly.

I have been studying Indonesian ritual in Bali and Java since 2012, in a continuing attempt to understand the nature of Holiness, and the relationship between spirit worlds and the visible worlds. Through attending many rituals, learning dance, and engaging Indonesian artistic and spiritual practitioners in dialogue surrounding these questions, I have begun a process of unlocking the riddles to many parts of my soul. I want to call all these missing parts back, in an attempt to be “whole.” Many traditions carry these knowledge’s, and I wish to understand those knowledge’s through my art.

 For Ari, through harnessing these questions and these powers, I create and keep space for magic theater and paintings to be born. The root of this art is deep, but it has a renegade spirit.

In the end we are all human and reach common ground without clear words: “Between the lines”


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